My Toyota Hilux

We’ve all seen the Top Gear episodes on the indestructibility of the Toyota Hilux, and I’m sure new car leads for the Hilux went through the roof every time that episode was aired… If you have never seen it, first of all where have you been, secondly… Watch it! The first chance I got after seeing that I was online looking to get one for cheap, under the impression that no matter which one I went for it would be reliable and a work horse which is exactly what I needed, nothing more.

It was for work, I am relatively fit and don’t really mind a trade off of saving a few quid for comfort. My line of work means rough terrain and lots of it, it is always noisy so again I wasn’t concerned over the cars sound system or whether it had bluetooth connectivity or not. I literally wanted a wheels and a friggin motor. So that is what I got, it set me back around £3,000 for a 1997 model and it has served me well for 2 year now. It has never let me down, and the amount of times I’ve come to a point of terrain where someone or and onlooker has vouched that ‘no car get through/over/around that’ , only to have the trusty second hand Toyota Hilux prove them wrong is uncanny. I absolutely love its willingness to go absolutely anywhere you point it.


Overall I am not surprised that even Jeremy Clarkson could not bring the Hilux to its knees, it is an absolute stallion that doesn’t know the word no. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a laborer that laughs in the face of wet mud and uneven surfaces, not to mention falling caravans, demolished tower blocks and flooding. Now I have a Hilux that can take on any Mammoth task that I throw at it, as well as nice bike I bought from Harley of Bellingham, that’s all any man needs on his drive!

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