My Car

Back in 2013 I made the decision to get myself a second hand Mercedes Benz CLS which was a pretty big call for me as up until then I had only ever had
hatchbacks so obviously the size difference was quite a shock to the system and I was a little worried about it at first but it didn’t take long at all for me to get used to it, especially thanks to having the parking sensors.


After I got over my fears of driving what I considered to be a beast, I started to enjoy the used Mercedes Benz CLS. And boy was I glad that I made that jump in the end. I feel like I am at the wheel of a supercar, the acceleration is absolutely nuts, I don’t know if its just me overreacting and playing up to my own excitement but whenever I put my foot on the accelerator I feel the back of my head push against the head rest as if I was on a roller coaster with an outrageous amount of G Force. On the other hand driving the Mercedes Benz CLS can also be a really nice calm and relaxing experience, if you are cruising down the motorway. I bloody love it, and so far it has been as reliable as you would expect from a German manufacturer!

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